Supporting Departments

Our suppliers

Fabory offers only high quality brands from suppliers known for delivering products that are fit for the industrial environment they are typically used in. We are constantly on the lookout for these kinds of brands and are also constantly reviewing and monitoring the performance of brands and suppliers to match our high quality standards. We only offer the best, nothing less.

Inventry Control

Managing inventory is one of the best ways of cutting costs in your business

It can be quite a challenge to find the right balance of inventory in your stockroom.

With too much inventory you risk having money ‘sitting on your shelves’. But if your inventory is too low, you run the risk of production delays!

Do you know how much inventory has a slow turnover – or none at all?

Do you know how much time you or your employees are spending on supplier and product selection, ordering, receiving goods inward, administration and keeping track of inventory stock levels?

Our inventory management solutions help your business save time, money and space!

Technical Competence Centre

A team of technical experts offers Fabory team members and customers appropriate solutions for technology-related problems, most often relating to fastenings. They are also the people to talk to for advice on the design and application of fastenings. In our Technical Competence Centre your applications can be tested to check the match between theory and practice.

Training modules are developed for both team members and customers. Close co-operation with standardisation institutes and engineering associations guarantees up-to-date technical knowledge and information.

Our Core Values: “We will always try to make our best efforts in supplying quality products with relatively less time and much cost effective solutions”